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Optimised Email Marketing for Business Growth

Written by Samantha Alford

Social media this – social media that. That’s all you hear these days as new social media “shiny objects” appear almost daily. I'm here to tell you that email marketing is where it’s at. Jack Mize from Influencers Radio recently called me the ultimate expert at using email marketing campaigns to grow and nurture a business’ customer base.

I find that small businesses – both online and brick-and-mortar – have been ignoring or misusing email marketing, to their detriment. I find it to be the most effective marketing that can be done these days. At Getudigital, we us Infusionsoft, as it allows the whole process to be automated.

We use the Infusionsoft platform to carry out effective email marketing campaigns. In my interview with Jack I share the five “must do” email campaigns that every business should be doing in their marketing. Doing these campaigns will help to not only engage new prospects and customers, but they will also help to nurture the customers that have already engaged with the business and made purchases.

If you’ve been wondering if email is dead, you must listen to this interview.

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Samantha Alford

Written by Samantha Alford

Samantha is the founder and CEO of Inbound Addons, an agency she formed to help people and their organisations succeed by changing the way they market online. She can often be found geeking out developing HubSpot integrations or "add-ons" to help extend the value of HubSpot by connecting it to other applications or extending it's functional capability.