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How to create a HubSpot Membership Site

Written by Samantha Alford

How to create a HubSpot membership site

Have you been searching for a way to create a HubSpot membership site that integrates with your Wordpress website? Ideally one that takes advantage of HubSpot workflows for automating and tracking your members?  We were too.  There is a solution, but first, here's the journey we went on to find it.

About 12 months ago a colleague of mine introduced me to HubSpot. I crammed my way through their online training and was hooked on both their methodology and the HubSpot marketing tool. And I knew my clients would be too. But I needed to be able to create a HubSpot membership site if I was to have any real chance of implementing HubSpot.

Here was the problem.  As we specialize in setting up membership sites that integrate with our clients' CRM, I had to find a comparable plugin that connected with HubSpot in the same seamless and automated way as our current tool. So I searched google ... 'hubspot membership site', 'hubspot membership plugin', 'hubpsot membership'.  Nothing.  Nil. Nada.  Surely there must be something out there?

Six months later I decided that the attraction of HubSpot and Inbound Marketing was too great to let lie, so I signed up as a HubSpot Partner.  But I still had the issue of migrating my own and some of my clients' membership sites to HubSpot.  So what was I to do?

Build one!  And that's what I did.

I wanted a Hubspot membership site plugin that was easier to implement than my existing plugin.  I also needed one that integrated with HubSpot and would sit on my Wordpress website. Whenever a contact was added to a list in HubSpot, that action needed to fire off a workflow that created the user in Wordpress and sent back to HubSpot their username and password.  Then HubSpot could send those login credentials to the new member.

More than that, I built a tool that could allow the membership site owner to drip feed content over time or show different content to different members depending on their list membership.

That tool is called Inbound Member and I'm super excited to be making it available to the broader HubSpot community.

Here's how to create a membership site with HubSpot and Inbound Member

Here are the steps:

  1. Purchase the Inbound Member Add-on here.
  2. Install the add-on to your Wordpress Plugins
  3. Activate your Inbound Member licence (which is sent to you as soon as you purchase)
  4. Connect HubSpot (this takes literally 2 minutes)
  5. Create a few pages for your membership site (like where you want people to land once they log in and what content they'll see).
  6. Add your membership level(s) - you can have unlimited membership levels with Inbound Member
  7. Create your HubSpot membership list and workflow (this takes about 10 minutes and we give you guidance on what to do in our documentation)
  8. Add your login page (we have a shortcode that is placed on your page for the login form so it's easy peasy lemon squeezy!)
  9. Add a few other pages (like Change Password, Forgot Password etc and use our shortcodes to manage those processes)
  10. Give access to your pages to the right membership levels.  This is as easy as checking a box and selecting which membership level you want to give access to.

And that's it!  In under 2 hours you can have a secure membership site set up that seamlessly integrates with HubSpot. Inbound Member will also send information like membership pages visited, last login date and password changes to HubSpot. That means you can create workflow automations that initiate emails or actions by your team based on member activity.

Let us know what you think of Inbound Member and what other functionality you'd like to see in the comments below.

If you'd like to get started right now, click here to get your copy of Inbound Member today!

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Samantha Alford

Written by Samantha Alford

Samantha is the founder and CEO of Inbound Addons, an agency she formed to help people and their organisations succeed by changing the way they market online. She can often be found geeking out developing HubSpot integrations or "add-ons" to help extend the value of HubSpot by connecting it to other applications or extending it's functional capability.