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005: Infusionsoft legend, Greg Jenkins shares some exciting news about his next venture

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Greg Jenkins is a legend in Infusionsoft circles and passionate about small business. He has overseen the creation and delivery of some of the company's best training programs. And now he has branched out on his own and is offering his quality brand of training to small businesses and Infusionites globally.

In this interview we find out what Greg has been up to. He shares with us how he changed career from his small business background, to working at and advancing within Infusionsoft and how he is now back in small business again.

Greg shares some great insight about how small businesses can benefit more from automated marketing, whether that is Infusionsoft based or not, and how small business owners can still successfully implement technical automation solutions without being very technical themselves.

Few people have as much knowledge and passion in the field of Infusionsoft and how small business owners can benefit from using its strategies. We hope you enjoy getting to know Greg a little better.


  • The three types of Infusionsoft entrepreneur personas.
  • The three campaigns that you should have in place if you want to start with Infusionsoft.
  • How to design a lead capture campaign.
  • The biggest obstacle that most people face when starting with Infusionsoft.
  • Two cool things in Infusionsoft that Greg wishes more people knew how to use.
  • Information about the first Monkeypod Marketing course.
  • Discover what Greg has custom created for Getudigital.
  • Greg’s non-technical solution to overcoming Samantha’s disaster scenario with only a laptop and $500.


Greg's new venture - Monkeypod Marketing

Greg's exclusive offer to Getudigital listeners

Places you can get in touch with Greg:


Greg's Facebook page

Greg's Twitter handle


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